Board Candidate Information

Location and Time

 The 100th Annual Meeting of the Lakeview Light & Power Corporation members will be held Thursday, April 14th, 2022. Due to COVID-19 uncertainties, the meeting location is to be determined at a later time. The meeting is open to all members and is held to conduct corporate business, elect directors, and adopt by-law amendments.

Director Positions

There are two director positions open.  The term is for three years.  Members wishing to be a candidate for this position should notify by email the LLP Board of Directors at or the General Manager by 5:00 p.m. Monday, January 31, 2022. Each candidate will submit a brief bio which will be mailed to all members with the second notice of the Annual Meeting. This bio should be 250 words or less and include the following information: experience, education, community service, a personal statement, and a current picture to be displayed alongside your bio. There is also an optional candidate questionnaire available (see pdf attachment below) to help assess the interest and ability of potential candidates.


Lakeview Light and Power (LLP) By-Laws, state that, “Unless employed in any capacity by LLP or by another utility furnishing electric current, any person will be eligible to be a candidate for or serve as a director who is either: (1) A member in their individual name, (2) a director, officer or duly appointed representative of a corporation that is a member or, (3) The managing partner or other duly appointed representative of a partnership that is a member.”

Further requirements for directors can be found in the LLP By-Laws and Policies which are available upon request.

Please follow THIS Biography Outline when submitting your candidacy.

Candidate Application and Optional Questionnaire