Smart Thermostats


Requirements and Specifications

Program include smart thermostats for homes with electric forced-air furnaces, air or water source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps as their primary system. This program is available for existing and new construction single-family, manufactured, multifamily low-rise, and multifamily mid-/high-rise homes. Smart thermostats may be installed by homeowners or directly installed by contractors.


  • Smart meter options eligible for this program are listed on BPA’s Smart Thermostat Qualified Products List:
  • Installed at the geographic location where the thermostat is located. Thermostats which control cooling-only systems or duel fuel heating systems (gas furnace and electric heat pump) are not eligible for the incentive.

In addition to the requirements above, thermostats controlling air source heat pumps must be programmed to recognize the existing heat pump system.



  • Complete online fillable form below.
  • Submit equipment/contractor invoice showing (a) measure requirements have been met (e.g., manufacturer, model number, type, size and quantity of equipment or product installed/used); (b) the order/purchase date; and (c) cost.


$100 rebate for one smart thermostat per household with a qualifying heating system.

Smart Thermostat Project Information Form

Posting this form does not guarantee qualification for rebate eligibility. Lakeview Light & Power reserves sole discretion to determine rebate qualification.

Smart Thermostat

For Single Family, Multifamily & Manufactured Home - Residential Customers.
  • Lakeview Light & Power must be the electrical provider.
    What heating system is the thermostat controlling?
    Reference qualified product list for information on how to properly set occupancy detection.
    If thermostat controls a heat pump, thermostat has been programmed to control a heat pump. Reference qualified product list for information on how to properly set auxiliary heat control.
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    Receipt Scan must show Product Manufacturer, Model Number, Purchase Date, & Cost. Multiple files may be uploaded.
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