Energy Assistance

Phone Numbers for Assistance

  • Dial 211

Pierce County Human Services (PCHS)

Pierce County is closed for the summer. (2018)

In the upcoming weeks, Pierce County Human Services will start mailing out applications for energy assistance for individuals in their “target group” (are people who received energy assistance last year who are also on disability and age 60 or older.) For everyone else who would like to apply for assistance, they will begin accepting applications on Monday, November 26th.

P.C.H.S. would like us to remind our customers that your application may take up to 2 months or more to review, and that submission of an application does not guarantee eligibility for assistance.

Pledges for assistance may not be noted on your account until March, so please budget accordingly for Fall and Winter energy consumption.

For appointments and applications, please call (855)798-4328 after November 26th.

Additional Resources

  • South Sound Outreach: 253-593-2111
  • Love Inc.: 253-582-5320
  • Salvation Army: 253-572-8452 Ext 116
  • Also, Call your local church, ministry or mosque for help.