The following taxes will be added to your bill:

  • Lakewood Utility Tax of 5% (Lakewood Residents Only)
  • Washington State Public Utility Tax of 3.8734%

Payments & Due Dates

Current balance is due upon receipt and becomes delinquent 27 days from the bill date.

Delinquent accounts shall be assessed a late charge of $20 or 10% (percent) whichever is greater and electric service may be discontinued without further notice.

Checks returned by a financial institution shall be assessed a service charge of $40.

Regular Business Hours

  • 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Monday – Thursday

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all recognized holidays are not considered regular business days.

Reconnection Fees

  • Non-Payment Service Disconnections – When service is discontinued to a self-contained meter for non-payment, an $85 reconnection charge in addition to all previous billings shall be collected. Reconnections will be scheduled for the first business day following receipt of payment. No same day reconnections will be made. If reconnection is made between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday, the actual cost, in addition to all previous billings, shall be collected.
  • C.T. Meter Non-Payment – When service is discontinued to C.T. meter for non-payment, the actual cost, in addition to all previous billings shall be collected.
  • Service Disconnection Exceeding Six Months – If service has been disconnected for six months or more a state (L&I) inspection is required before reconnection. L&I inspectors may require wiring be brought up to current codes. Also, before reconnection, we will inspect meter connections for safety and may require replacement at customer expense.

Additional Billing Situations

  • Denying Access to Meter – When access to the metering is denied for any reason and service is disconnected at the source of supply, the actual cost, in addition to all previous billings shall be collected.
  • Service Charges – If the Service Person goes to the premises and payment is made before the actual termination of service, a service charge equal to the reconnection charge shall be charged.
  • Maintaining Weatherhead and Related Equipment – It is the Corporation’s responsibility to maintain service to the weatherhead or URD meter base. It is the customer’s responsibility for equipment beyond the weatherhead or URD meter base, excluding meter.
  • After Service Hours – If a call is made after service hours and is determined to be a customer problem, the actual cost will be billed to the customer. (Anytime outside of 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday is considered after service hours.)
  • Repairs – If an electrical contractor cannot respond in a timely manner, the Corporation may choose to make the repair, and bill the actual cost to the customer.

Additional Fees

  • Special Readings – When a request is made for a special reading, a $15 plus consumption and a prorated portion of the basic charge will be billed.
  • New or Reactivated Accounts – A $20 setup fee will be charged for all new or reactivated accounts.
  • Multi-Family Dwelling Unit Accounts – Payment for service on account of all individually metered multi-family dwelling units shall be the sole responsibility of the Member who owns the property. The Corporation reserves the right but shall have no duty to accept payments from third parties on account of any Member.
  • Requesting Copies of Bills – At the option of the Corporation or upon request of a Member, the Corporation will send billings or copies thereof to the resident of the property to which the Membership relates when such resident is someone other than the Member. However, the Member will remain liable for all unpaid charges for such service.
  • Payment of Attorney’s Fees – Should it become necessary for the Corporation to engage the services of an attorney in order to collect sums due it from any Member, the Member shall reimburse the Corporation for all attorney’s fees and/or costs incurred in that regard.
  • Bankruptcy – In case of bankruptcy, the corporation shall require a certified check of cash deposit from the customer equal to at least two months of peak consumption within 20 days of filing for bankruptcy.
  • Meter Seal Replacement – To replace a meter seal that has been removed without prior approval the customer will be charged $75. Tampering with and or damaging Corporation metering facilities shall result in a charge of $100 plus the actual cost of repair or replacement of metering facilities.