How to Read Your Bill

Sample Monthly Billing Statement

  1. Monthly message or delinquent notice
  2. This box contains important contact information to assist you with getting in contact with Lakeview Light & Power, how to report an outage and our normal office hours.
  3. This area of your bill includes your account number. To ensure your payment posts to your account promptly we require that your account number be referenced with all payments and correspondence.
  4. This is the identification number of the power meter associated with your service location.
  5. These are the dates of service covered in the current statement.
  6. The previous and current reading of Kwh
  7. The size of the multiplier at the service location. Some types of meters require a factor to determine actual usage.
  8. The total Kwh of energy used during this billing cycle. (This number is generated by taking the total of Kwh on your present meter read and subtracting the total from your previous meter read).
  9. This is a simplified graph of energy consumption over the previous 13 months at your service location.
  10. A detail of current monthly service charges including any previous unpaid balances that have been forwarded to this billing cycle, additional charges or billing adjustments, basic service charge and your energy usage charges. Energy usage charges are calculated by the total of Kwh used during the billing cycle as referenced in #8 multiplied by the energy rate.
  11. The due date that payment must be received by Lakeview Light & Power.
  12. The date your billing statement was generated.
  13. A summary of previous balance, payments received, balance due and total current charges.
  14. The total amount due and the date payment must be received to ensure your account remains in good standing.
  15. This is a box that allows you to write-in the amount you are remitting for this billing cycle.
  16. The address where payment should be remitted.