Power Outages

Report a Power Outage

Please report a power outage using the Report Issue option on Smarthub. This is the fastest way to ensure we are made aware of the outage in your area.

Do not send outage reports via email or Facebook as those communication methods are not monitored outside of normal business hours.

To obtain outage information, view the Outage Map on Smarthub or visit our Facebook and Twitter.

You expect your electricity to be on and you expect us to be dependable.  Unfortunately, there are some things that are out of our hands and we can’t control such as like accidents or severe weather and other unpredictable events or circumstances that could cause a an outage of your power services. Follow the tips below to keep you and your family safe during a power outage.

Downed lines

  • Call 911 right away and then call Lakeview Light & Power at (253) 584-6060 if you see a downed power line. Never touch it!
  • Keep everyone, including pets and children, out of the area. You cannot look at a downed line and determine if it’s “live.”
  • Do not touch a person if a power line is touching them. Immediately call 911.
  • If a power line falls across your vehicle, stay in the car and wait for emergency personnel to cut the power. If your vehicle is on fire and you are in imminent danger and you must get out of the vehicle, jump with both feet together as far from the car as possible. Important: If a part of your body touches the ground and your car at the same time, you could be electrocuted.

In the house

  • Never use kerosene or propane heaters inside without proper ventilation. They create dangerous fumes. Also, don’t burn charcoal in your house or garage.
  • Preserve body heat by wearing multiple layers of clothing. Add a hat and blankets to stay warm. Put blankets or towels around your windows and doors to help keep the heat in.
  • Protect your water pipes during freezing weather by wrapping them with insulation. Also, leave faucets dripping so water won’t freeze and crack the pipes.
  • Your full freezer should keep food frozen and safe for about two days when kept closed.
  • If someone in your home is on a form of life support, be sure to have a back-up system and a plan of action for during an outage.

While the Power Is Out…

Please keep phone lines open for all members affected by the outage. We know that being without power is inconvenient and frustrating, and we assure you that one call is all you need to make. Lakeview Light & Power will work around the clock, if necessary, to restore your service as quickly as possible.