General Managers Corner – Fall 2019

Happy Fall, LLP Members and Customers:

As the days get shorter and the leaves display their vibrant colors, it reminds me of how many changes we all face and how rapidly they come. One thing that does not change is Lakeview Light & Power’s business structure. As you may know, LLP is a cooperative utility—which is quite different than a municipality (i.e. Tacoma Power) or investor-owned utility (i.e. Puget Sound Energy). I thought I would take the opportunity to provide a brief explanation of what a cooperative is.
Here is a summary of the Seven Cooperative Principles and a description of what they mean:
1. Voluntary and Open Membership. Those who own property within the LLP service area may join as members without fear of discrimination on any basis.
2. Democratic Member Control. Members select, from themselves, a board of directors who decide how LLP is run and who leads their organization.
3. Members’ Economic Participation. All members invest in the utility and benefit directly from the financial health of their organization.
4. Autonomy and Independence. Cooperatives never compromise their democratic member control when making business decisions or increasing capital.
5. Education, Training and Information. Provided as resources to cooperative members so they can make decisions and contribute effectively to the success of their organization.
6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives. The belief that working together with other cooperative utilities is the best strategy to inspire members to leverage our resources to build a strong economy.
7. Concern for Community. To exercise good stewardship and continual involvement within our community of members.

In our next newsletter, I will provide highlights from the strategic planning session we conducted this past August and the strategic goals that were generated as a result of that work. As we quickly approach the holiday season, I wish you and your families the very best! Blessings to each of you.


John DeVore

General Manager