General Managers Corner – Fall 2020

A letter from the General Manager

Greetings, LLP Members and Customers:  I hope you and your families are healthy and doing well.  As I consider how exceptionally challenging this year has been to navigate, I am compelled to always look for the “silver lining.” Some of that “silver lining” has been our ability to gain practical experience working remotely and utilizing our business continuity plan.  Aside from the challenges, we have been able to perform a significant amount of work this year to improve our distribution system’s resiliency.

In our spring newsletter, I had shared about the commencement of our Tyee Substation Repower Project, which began in March.  It is my pleasure to announce that a completely rebuilt Tyee Substation was successfully brought back into full service on Thursday, August 14th.  The project was completed safely and came in nearly $400K under budget, at $1.6M.  Much of the savings were attributed to the talented operations crew at Lakeview.  We were able to perform much of the work ourselves without having to rely on outside contractors.  Our engineer, who served as the project manager and is a retired engineer from Tacoma Power, said that Tacoma typically takes nine months to rebuild a substation.  Our crews were able to complete the project in only six months, amidst the pandemic’s work disruptions and a pre-COVID project timeline delay of three weeks.  Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve Jobs firmly believed, “Great things in business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.” Again, I want to thank our staff for all of their efforts, making this a safe and successful project.

We have a video link on our website, showing the time-lapse photography of the entire project, from start to finish.  We have already begun planning the next substation replacement, which will be the Roy Miller 2 Substation slated for 2022.

In closing, the pandemic has posed many challenges for us, especially in how we socially interact with one another.  One thing we have missed has been the contact with our members and customers.  I would like to inform you, however, that we reopened our drive-thru window and our lobby.

Remember, if you have been impacted financially by the COVID-19, we may have resources to assist you.  We look forward to seeing you again and wish you a healthy and safe autumn season.