Scholarship Application


Required Attachments: Transcript, Essay, and Chronology of High School/Community Involvement Activities:

  • Please upload with this application a certified copy of your high school transcript, and an essay, minimum two pages typed, single spaced, detailing how this Scholarship will assist you in making a broader, more meaningful contribution to your Community, and Society as a whole.
  •  Please detail on a separate sheet of paper, a chronology of your high school and or community involvement activities.

Scholarship Application

Lakeview Light & Power Educational Scholarship Application
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I am a high school senior.  I understand that I must provide the following attachments to my application; my High School Transcript, an Essay detailing how this Scholarship will assist me in making a broader, more meaningful contribution to my Community, and Society as a whole, and a Chronology of my High School and Community involvement activities.  I understand that my application must be received by Lakeview Light & Power no later than 5:30 PM on January 31, 2018, or my application will not be considered.

I understand that if I am awarded a Lakeview Light & Power Scholarship, I agree to personally accept the Award at the Annual Meeting of Lakeview Light & Power on March 20, 2018. I also hereby authorize Lakeview Light & Power to publish photographs taken of me, and my name, for use in the printed publications and website.

I understand that if I am awarded the Lakeview Light & Power Scholarship and am unable to continue with my education or training, I must notify Lakeview Light & Power immediately, so they can consider an alternate candidate for the scholarship.


All children of Lakeview Light & Power members or customers, excluding persons related to the Board of Directors and/or employees of Lakeview Light & Power.



  • Applicant must be a graduating high school senior.
  • Applicant must be enrolled, or planning to enroll in an accredited college, university, or other training institute.
  • Recipients must agree to personally accept the Lakeview Light and Power scholarship at the annual meeting of Lakeview Light & Power.


  •  Applicant must complete the scholarship application form and provide the required supporting documents.
  • Applicant must insure that their scholarship application is received in the offices of Lakeview Light and Power prior to the deadline of January 31, 2018, at 5:30 PM.


The Board of Directors will verify and/or weigh the following criteria in their selection process:

  1. Verification of the applicant’s eligibility.
  2. The quality of the applicant’s essay.
  3. The applicant’s coursework and grade point average as detailed on their high school transcript.
  4. The applicant’s extra-curricular school and community involvement as detailed on their activity chronology sheet.



  1.  Scholarships will be awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  2. Scholarships will be paid directly to the recipient’s college, university or training institute upon Lakeview Light & Power’s receipt of documentation that the scholarship recipient has been accepted as a full-time student.
  3. Scholarship funds are to be used to pay tuition. If money remains after tuition is paid, the scholarship recipient may purchase books and/or other course related material and submit documented receipts to the funds administrator to obtain reimbursement of such expense.
  4. Lakeview Light & Power will retain unused scholarship funds. Scholarship funds that have been sent to a college, university or training institute that are not used by a qualifying recipient shall be refunded to Lakeview Light & Power, not to the student.
  5. Scholarships can not be renewed. A scholarship recipient can receive only one Lakeview Light & Power scholarship.
  6. Scholarships are not assignable.