Window Replacement Requirements

Please make sure you follow the following list.



  • Invoice with all required information and Order Acknowledgement must be submitted
  • Dwelling Type – single family, multifamily low rise, multifamily mid/high rise, manufactured
  • Primary heating source in the home – Electric Forced Air Furnace, Heat Pump, Zonal or DHP
  • Date installation was completed
  • U-Value of all windows being installed
  • Number of windows and/or patio doors that are being replaced and where with dimensions
  • Are the pre-existing windows that are being replaced single or double pane and what was the frame type – Metal, Wood or Vinyl (This must be listed for all windows being replaced) Pictures of the existing windows BEFORE installation must be provided if self installed or not using a licensed contractor.
  • Total square footage replaced with final dimensions
  • All stickers from the new windows must be turned in if self installed or not using a licensed contractor.


Submit all documents at LLP’s office for review.